1. shreevefilms:

    Almost finished! #tandemofdie #nofilter #biggerhammer #s13 #240sx #paint (Taken with instagram)

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  3. awfilms:

    Daigo Saito Raw from Atlanta. Palm Beach video in the works. 

    via AWFILMS and 1KIND


  4. Hellaflush Kansai Video Coverage

    Video by Charles Zee Zayas

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  5. Struggle’s S14


  6. XT7 is the type of wheels that I’ll definitely love for long time.

  7. GOOD

  8. Randomly found this RC, thought post it, as you see is a replica of the ‘Military’ S14 but done in a RPS13 RC 1:10.

  9. Nakawaga Shuichi 180SX (REVIEW) scrappin’ all the way

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  10. Absolutely diggin’ this FD, Phillip is doing it right.


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  12. Cool ass RC’s